Encoding Costs

Encoding Costs
Your encoding jobs can be output in Real Media or in Windows Media formats, depanding on your preference and auxiliary use.
Below are the formats we accept for encoding. There is a $9.95 minimum for audio and a $24.95 minimum for video.

For large encoding jobs we offer the following discounts: 150min. (10%); 300min. (20%); 500min. (25%); 1000min. (30%); 2000min. (35%)

Professional Formats
VHS, VHS C, S-VHS C, Reg8, Hi8, DV, Mini DV, CD, DVD, ZIP, Cassette    $5.00 per minute ($50.00 minimum)

Production Formats
DVC Pro, Betacam, Betacam SP, DV Cam    $7.50 per minute ($150.00 minimum)

Audio & Video Editing Available Upon Request